Monday, December 26, 2011

CAO Brazilia "Pirhana"

This cigar is one of my personal favorites.  Because of its length, it smokes in a relatively reasonable amount of time.  Taste-wise, it packs a lot of punch.  Definitely a full-bodied cigar in every sense of the word, it is spicy and earthy and each draw rewards you with rich flavor.

The construction of the cigar is impressive. A tight and firm roll, there are very few noticeable soft spots and the dark wrapper has a very smooth and velvety feel.  The cap cut cleanly with no fraying at all and the foot took the flame quickly.  There was an immense amount of flavor on the first draw that continues in every subsequent one.  The ash is a solid white and holds firm while handling the cigar.

The strength of this cigar’s flavor is evident the moment you pick it up from the look of the dark Brazilian wrapper to the aroma emanating off of it.  It is not too strong for my taste and packs just the right amount of punch to let me know that I am enjoying a very fine cigar.  This particular one must be my third or fourth Brazilia and the flavor consistency is right on the mark.  CAO is quickly becoming one of my favorite cigar makers.

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  1. I personally haven't had a CAO that I have liked, but I do have a Brazilia I haven't tried.....I don't think it's the Pirhana though.

    Nice review though, it makes me want to give it a try.